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Welcome to my page of African guitar & African bass guitar tutorials! Here you can see videos, lessons with TAB, guitar, bass and drum backing tracks and read articles on this topic. Download tablatures with sheet music in Adobe Acrobat PDF, Guitar Pro or Power Tab Editor file formats, so you can learn how to play in all the different styles!

Learn African Bass grooves and Guitar music! They are awesome!

Are you into soukous, sebene, makossa, sungura, maskandi or Mali music? Just keep coming back from time to time. You’ll be able to find video lessons and essays for all kinds of different African music genres and styles and study them with ease. Whether it’s West African music, salegy or Zulu, I’ll attempt to keep creating clean guitar and bass videos that display the playing technique for all these styles.

Exotic Sounds – The hidden gem of Africa

Africa’s music can still be considered a hidden treasure to the rest of the world. The old continent’s culture has many secrets and gifts waiting to be discovered by the inquiring minds of us, curious people. You can now achieve these playing skills by paying attention to these lessons and by following the tablatures. There has been a great amount of creativity expressed on both the guitar and the bass by African musicians throughout the years. Knowing that, it’s not surprising that so many of the now well known popular genres had their origins in Africa. A great segment of our well known music has been influenced and shaped by those African sounds. Having that in mind, it’s not all that difficult to re-discover these sounds, absorb the melodies and attempt to master the material you’ve studied. Think of musical styles like the blues, R&B or jazz. But also, many different sorts of Latin American and Caribbean genres all have their roots in the music of Africa. On top of that, a big part of the polyrhythmic and polyphonic nature of both classical and pop music come from Africa as well. Yet the continent’s music in its original, purer, subtler and probably less egotistical form remained virtually unknown to most of us. You can now study all these barely discovered genres and playing styles on both the bass guitar and the guitar.

Musical Tradition and Influence of the African Continent

Africa always had its traditional stringed instruments, like the kora, ngoni or akonting. Both the guitar and the bass guitar in their current form are relatively newer than the previously mentioned, ancient ones. Nonetheless, they quickly gained popularity in the African continent. Not only that, but the playing styles got majorly influenced by those of the older, more traditional ones as well. Clearly, Africa has embraced the guitar and its even newer cousin, the bass guitar. You, with a great set of ears and a natural affinity towards music might be able to recognize when you hear a guitar or bass being played one of the genuinely African ways. This site is for you to learn all kinds of African music, my friend.