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We are located in Budapest, Hungary. We also have this strange affection for writing about ourselves in plural. For further information, please get in contact with us, so we can start working on your music!

Roland, audio engineer

Roland Czili is our audio engineer. Doh! He’s the one who mixes and masters every audio material that arrives to us, and he does an exceptional job. He’s extremely skilled in most technical fields, and is also a professional guitar and bass player. Not only that, but he’s incredibly humble as well. Would ya have guessed?

But really, who is this guy? A mastermind, or an insecure child? Probably both. Just like most of you better ones. Yeah, let’s pretend. Does he care about gear? Well, not in the sense most of those fukken snobs do. He just likes stuff that works for whatever kind of sound he’s after. No matter if it’s an old guitar pedal, a brand new plugin, some posh studio unit or a stray cat’s whisker. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s a digital cat or an analogue one. As long as the stuff does the job, it becomes the most precious equipment in the world. It’s all about the sound and the music for him, after all. Because as long as we’re here, there’s a chance for music. To create is to make ourselves happy, regardless of the amount of shit coming down on us.

One more thing: you can be sure that he composes, mixes & masters your music until it’s shaped perfectly to your needs.

audio engineer