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If you would like to play any piece of music that you like on guitar or bass guitar, but don’t know how or where to begin,

we can help you with our custom guitar tablatures.

Do you want to play a song but it’s impossible without a TAB? IT IS NOW POSSIBLE WITH OUR HELP!

You will be shown exactly where on the fretboard you need to fret the correct notes and what strings you need to play, in what order. Be it a well known or famous song, a solo or rhythm guitar track of a pop or rock tune, a catchy bass line or a piece of early, classical or folk music you always liked and wanted to play, we’ll help you with our professional transcriptions. You will be able to learn and play the music of your choice, the way you fell in love with it during listening. And it doesn’t mean tabs of only guitar music. We can create guitar & bass tablatures for any instrumental parts, vocals, piano, strings or horns, if that’s what you need, even in multiple voices. You’ll receive guitar tabs in the exact style, tempo and with the complexity of your choice, to help you play the music you always wanted to play. And if all that wouldn’t be enough, we can provide you with tablature-courses, educational material, guitar lessons, transcriptions or exercise collections in the genre, musical era or topic of your choice. With these, you can broaden your guitar knowledge properly without having to move past overwhelming challenges or decipher confusing instructions, and learn your favorite styles easily, in a step-by-step manner.

What is the process like? We will take care of you, from beginning to end:

  • 1.


    You contact us and write what kind of tab for what kind of music you would like to get.

    Contact Us!

  • 2.


    We agree on the price and you send the 1st half of it.
  • 3.


    We begin writing the tablature.
  • 4.


    When the tab is finished, we show you an example of it, and list the number of pages/measures, then, after you paid the 2nd half of the full price, we send you the tab by e-mail.