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  • Music is yours. Create. Be free. But do it like a pro.
    Music is yours. Create. Be free.
    But do it like a pro.
    We are here to help you.
If you have a song you want to finish; if there’s a song you want to play; if there’s a song you want to gift to someone; if you want a song to be yours; or if you want a song to be written to you,
contact us.

Our Custom Music Production Service comes to Your Help!

Mixing and Mastering Service Mixing and Mastering Service
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Thumbpick-Fingerpick Guitar Techniques Thumbpick-Fingerpick Guitar Techniques
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We Create Your Music We Create Your Music
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Our customers’ opinions:

  • Easnadh de Báth – Ireland

    “I received a beautiful song, completed just in a couple days!
    Every single sound feels polished yet deeply traditional at the same time, and I could follow the entire process. Thanks very much!”

  • Ivik Lennert – Greenland

    “To my surprise they made a perfect tablature for me, in spite of the bad phone recording. I will definitely come again!”

  • Darick Williams – United States

    “Man, these guys are awesome! Mah beats came out perfect! They know how to make my mixes smooth 'n' loud. Gonna come back for more!”

  • Clive Peters – United Kingdom

    “Wonderfully played bass tracks for all the songs on my album, and the fingerpick style makes it stand out just the right way.
    It was a great project, thank you very much!”

  • Ainsley McIntyre – Scotland

    “These folks turned my little song ideas into fully arranged, proper music! It was a joy to sing over the completed backings, and the mixes are beautiful.
    I already recommended them to my musician friends!”

  • Steve Bains – Australia

    “The solo guitar piece I ordered to surprise my niece is wonderful. The TAB is detailed and accurate. I had no idea I could learn something that complex that easily!”

  • Saoirse McDonagh – Norhtern Ireland

    “The guitar accompaniment I needed for my fiddle solos and my brother's whistle tunes is perfect.
    He understood quickly what our music needed, and played exactly that, with the right embellishment. The fills are tasteful as well. Thank you!”

  • Nikolay Aristov – Russia

    “This man knows how to play fast and accurately. Our metal band needed bass guitar parts for our new album, and he completed them quickly, for each song.
    The communication is perfect, they are very knowledgeable about music. A positive surprise! Recommended.”

  • Itsuki Takahashi – Japan

    “These people wrote and recorded two complete jazz fusion songs for me and my band.
    They understand how to stay out of the way of my keyboards, the arrangement is perfect. Hat's off to you, and thank you very much.”

    We can help you with the following:

    • Original music composition

      Custom original music composition

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    • Audio mixing & mastering

      Accurate audio engineering

      Read more

    • Guitar and bass tabulatures

      TABs tailored to your needs

      Read more

    • African guitar & bass

      Inspiring African music lessons

      Read more

    • Custom backing track composition

      Backing tracks tuned to your music

      Read more

    • Film music composition

      Moving musical compositions for your movies, films & videos

      Read more

    • Business music composition

      Catchy jingles for your company & business

      Read more

    • English song lyrics creation

      Poetry for your music – English lyrics that fit your songs

      Read more

    • Music composition for occasions

      Heart-warming songs for your special occasions

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    • Thumbpick bass lines

      Make your bass lines stand out with thumbpick + fingerpicks

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    • Fingerpick guitar service

      Play guitar fast, loud & accurately with fingerpicks

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