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We Create Your Music!

You can buy music here. You decide what kind of music you want. If you ever wished that someone helped you write your song, you are at the right place.

Have you ever dreamed out loud “I wish someone would compose a song for me”? You have a song you started but couldn’t finish? A melody you keep humming but don’t know how to turn it into a professional sounding song? Do you want a professional to finish your lyrics? Or you would like to perform a certain kind of music you imagined, but couldn’t find it or anything close to it anywhere?

We will listen to your ideas closely and create exactly what you want. We will arrange the tune and include the sounds you like, in the genre/style of your choice.

We can come up with ideas for you. From composition & song lyrics through arrangement & instrumentation to mixing & mastering, we will provide you with the finished and polished product.

Get in contact with us, ask questions, we are happy to help you create and perform!


almost finished music

Almost Finished

When you need the final touch to complete your music

  • Your music needs to be mixed & mastered?
    We can do that professionally! We will provide you with a high quality, well balanced product, with proper, genre specific needs taken into consideration, including volume levels & audio effects. Check out our mixing and mastering services for more!
  • Does your song need to be fine tuned?
    If you are not entirely happy with the music/lyrics you created, but can’t put your finger on what exactly the problem is, we will come to your help. We will tailor your song to your exact needs and make changes to each part of it to make it sound as professional as possible. Whether it’s the arrangement, the mix or the words that are out of balance, we can correct it all. If some parts are too generic, too repetitive or too similar to other known music, we will turn it into a more balanced and original piece. From giving you professional guidance to completely reworking your music, we can help you. Please turn to us with confidence!
let's do it together

Let’s Do It Together

When you have parts of music that need to be completed

  • Hum us your song idea
    Do you have a melody? Hum it to us, send us the audio file, and we will build a complete, finished, mixed & mastered song out of it!
  • Play your melodies on your instrument
    If you play an instrument, just record whichever part you already have with it, we will take care of the rest of the music.
  • You have the melody…
    …we have the accompaniment. We can provide you with a full arrangement, with all the instruments you imagined (or ones you haven’t even heard about), and render your melodies into complete songs.
  • You have the chords…
    …we have all the melodies, counter melodies, rhythmic elements and whatever you still need.
  • Need guitar or bass tracks?
    We can play guitar tracks, bass guitar lines all kinds of accompaniment or instrumental solos for your music. If your songs need authentic bass or guitar parts that are uniqe sounding, played perfectly in time and tailored to your special needs, our high quality session musician service is exactly for you.
  • You wrote the lyrics?
    We can put music to them! Whether you are a professional songwriter or it’s your very first song you wrote, we can compose music to your precious lines, be it proper song lyrics, poetry, prose, spoken word or non-lexical vocables.
  • Need lyrics?
    Tell us what exactly the topic is you want to put words to. Be it any kind of song or occasion, we will write artistic and/or playful, serious or humorous English lyrics for it!
music from scratch

Music From Scratch

When we make your music, from beginning to end

  • Are you a singer, a band or a musician who needs original music to perform or play over?
    No problem, we’ve got you covered! Tell us about the kind of music you need and we will build you songs you’ll be happy to sing or perform on your instrument! Be it jazz, pop, r&b, rock, country, classical music, folk music or any other musical styles, we are happy to make music for you. We can also make the cover art for your digital or physical audio products.
  • Film, TV, video, radio & podcast music
    When you need music for your footage, movies, TV & radio shows, podcasts or other media events, turn to us! We can create the right music, with the right mood and atmosphere that suits your pictures or conversations, tailored to your exact needs and is perfectly in sync with it. Want a theme song for your motion picture? You are at the right place!
  • Need music for you business, company, your advertisements & branding?
    We can do it professionally. Whether it’s your small business, your video or radio ads, the footage of your product or any kind of commercial situation where you need music for your branding, we will come to your help.
  • Music for occasions, events, holidays
    If you need music for your wedding, a friend’s or family member’s birthday, for special events and holidays like Christmas, your children’s graduation or International Polar Bear Day, we can create music that suits the event perfectly, with a professional touch.