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Play with us, if you like guitar tabs… or quiz games!

Whether you have received musical training or you just like play, it’s a good way to test your skills or your luck… or both. Many of you have probably chewed through more guitar tabs than you can count on two hands, some of you even mastered all of them. Some of you maybe haven’t encountered any tablatures before, but it’s okay, don’t let that discourage you! It’s time to have some fun! Even if you have never seen a TAB before, you might be good at pattern recognition. And don’t forget, standard notation is there as well, coming to your help, especially if you can read the notes.

Quiz games have a long tradition, tablature is a rather old and well known way of writing music for plucked string instruments, and standard music notation has quite a history as well. In spite of all that, you probably haven’t seen the combination of all those things before. Well, we bridged that gap for you, enjoy guessing!

Don’t be shy, scroll the video back (and forth) as many times as needed!

Just pick the card you think is the correct answer, corresponding to the music played in the video! Which one is it, A or B?

‘Why Wouldn’t You’ (original) – solo bass guitar

This snippet is a bass guitar melody, with harmony accompaniment. If there is such a thing as chord melody on bass, well, it’s along those lines. The piece is in Bb major, and there are some odd rhythmic elements, just at the right places to throw you off. Do you feel challenged, or is it an easy guess?

penguin quiz card

You picked the wrong bird. Dig deeper in ornithology!

owl quiz card

Owlsome. You win!

‘You’re The Inspiration’ (Chicago) – chorus

This is my solo arrangement of the chorus of this tune, writen by Peter Cetera, the bassist and main vocalist, and David Foster, the keyboard player. ‘You’re The Inspiration’ goes through a couple key changes, the chorus happens to be in E flat major. Or did I give away too much?

quiz answer A

You didn’t win this one. Are you bummed?

quiz answer B

You win! Maybe you were just lucky.